Bombing of the rainbow warrior

The Last Voyage of the Rainbow Warrior, which was produced the year after the sinking and written by shipboard author David Robie. I have never made that claim. The French Government infiltrated the Auckland offices of the organisation and discovered these plans.

That's all that's left of him. Greenpeace have an interactive on their website that allows you to explore the wreck, and explains the history of the ship. Although the hull had been recovered, the damage was too extensive for repair and the vessel was scuttled in Matauri Bay in the Cavalli IslandsNew Zealandon 12 Decemberto serve as a dive wreck and artificial reef to promote marine life.

The mission to disable the ship was achieved but a catalogue of errors ensured lasting embarrassment for the French. So just what were the French thinking why such an extreme attack. Lange immediately asked all the guests to raise their hands because "many Bombing of the rainbow warrior make light work.

According to Xavier Maniguet he had dismissed a recruit for doing in selection exercises what he did in New Zealand. Referring to Jim McLay's comments on the effect of the nuclear ships ban on the exchange of military intelligence with New Zealand's allies.

Portuguese-born crew member, Fernando Pereira, drowned after going to his cabin to retrieve his camera gear. Greens are not expected to be anything but nice. Referring to Sir Robert "Piggy" Muldoon. It was re-launched on 2 May as Rainbow Warrior.

Thirty Years Later: The Bombing of the Rainbow Warrior

The Portuguese-born photographer, 35, was trapped in his cabin and drowned. Its dangerous stuff but then Doctor Maniguet has often courted danger. By the end of the month they had been charged with murder, conspiring to commit arson and wilfully damaging the Rainbow Warrior.

When it was claimed President Mitterrand had known of the bombing plan French Defence Minister Charles Hernu resigned and Admiral Pierre Lacoste, the director of France's intelligence and covert action bureau, was sacked.

David Lange, My Lifep. That night two bombs were attached to the hull of the vessel by French divers. Two years later the Rainbow Warrior was refloated, towed out to just off the Cavalli Islands and scuttled in 27 metres of water.

They acted on orders. For the first time on New Zealand soil we felt the effects of terrorism as France planned and executed the sinking of the organisation's flagship.

To US Ambassador H. Did the inrush of water after the second explosion simply overcome him or did the force of the explosion leave him stunned and disoriented in the darkness so he became lost.

Fernando is down there. So what did that tell you. Captain Pete Willcox gave the order to abandon ship as the Warrior keeled over towards the wharf. They could have just left the campervan on the side of the road, got on the flight and they would have been gone.

Bombing the Rainbow Warrior

Their job, to deliver the explosives and other equipment to Auckland. Literature[ edit ] Several books have been written about both the history of Greenpeace and the genesis of Rainbow Warrior.

Referring to a national tour by Jim Bolger. It was re-launched on 2 May as Rainbow Warrior.

Rainbow Warrior bombing

Our military forces are an arm of government, just like the Department of Social Welfare, although probably less able to inflict widespread harm.

· Rainbow Warrior bombing reflections after 33 years.

French spy who sank Greenpeace ship apologises for lethal bombing

Image: PMC. Pacific Media Watch Newsdesk. Pacific environmental and political journalist David Robie has recalled the bombing of the original Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior 33 years ago in an interview with host Sarah Macdonald on the ABC’s Nightlife “This Week in History” A French secret service diver who took part in the operation to sink Greenpeace ship the Rainbow Warrior 30 years ago has spoken publicly for the first time to apologise for his actions.

The bombing of the Rainbow Warrior

Jean-Luc Kister, who attached a mine to the ship’s hull, says the guilt of the bombing, which killed a photographer, still weighs heavily on his mind. · The French agent who led an attack on the Greenpeace ship 'Rainbow Warrior' 30 years ago has apologized publicly for the first time The bombing of /jean-luc-kister-greenpeace-apology-rainbow-warrior-bomb.

The story of the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior has been told many times but it's almost invariably from a New Zealand point of view - our response to a terrorist attack by French spies and the.

· Event: The bombing of the Rainbow Warrior. Causes of the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior. There were many causes of the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior in In August 1 the US used the atomic bomb for the first time against Japan by bombing the cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

This caused the war to end, however after the  · The bombing of the Rainbow Warrior was a huge event in New Zealand that occurred on 10 July The bombing of the Rainbow Warrior was caused by nuclear testing in the Pacific, New Zealand opposing to nuclear testing in the pacific, New Zealand's

Bombing of the rainbow warrior
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Bombing of the Rainbow Warrior - Celebrating 30 years of New Zealand's iconic nuclear free zone law